ICA Membership Fees

ICA Membership Fees

FTICA (fellow)

one year : $85
two years: $155 (approximately a 10% discount)
three years: $205 (approximately a 20% discount)
lifetime: $1000

AFTICA (Associate Fellow)

one Year: $65

MTICA (Companion, Graduate, Student)

one Year: $45

Retired individuals

one year: $42.50 (this is a 50% discount)
lifetime: $500 (for people who have been members for at least 10 years)

Institutional Members: $250
Corporate Members: $500
Senior Corporate Members: $1000
Sponsoring Corporate Members: $2500
  • any student who finishes a PhD in Combinatorics is eligible to receive a one-year free membership in the ICA
  • a new ICA member who registers for two years will receive the first year of membership free