Honorary Fellows of the ICA

The Council may elect to Honorary Fellowship any person who has made pre-eminent contributions to combinatorics or its applications. The number of living Honorary Fellows shall not exceed ten.

List of Current and Former Honorary Fellows

Deceased fellows are indicated by □.

Fellow Year of Election
H.S.M. Coxeter 1990
Paul Erdős 1990
Haim Hanani 1990
Bernhard Neumann 1990
Dereck Lehmer 1990
S.S. Shrikhande 1990
Leonard Carlitz 1992
Roberto Frucht 1992
Edward Wright 1992
C.R. Rao 1995
G.J. Simmons 1996
Vera Sós 2000
Horst Sachs 2010
Henry Gould 2010
Neil Robertson 2018
Carsten Thomassen 2019
Cheryl Praeger 2023
Rick Wilson 2023